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With a Knifey subscription, you'll always have freshly-sharpened, professional-quality knives in your kitchen. Our plans are flexible and commitment-free, allowing you to choose the number of knives you receive and the number of times you’ll get a freshly-sharpened set to exchange each year. 

When you sign up, we will send you the knife package of your choice and you will pay a monthly fee based on how many times you want to exchange the knives for a sharpened set each year. You can have newly sharpened knives delivered to your door every 6 months, or 4 months!

To maximize your culinary capabilities and get the best value, we recommend our 5-Knife Deluxe Set sharpened three times a year. That means, when you sign up, we'll send you a newly sharpened deluxe set of knives and then every four months, you'll receive a newly sharpened set. All you need to do is put your used knives back in the same delivery box the new set came in, put the pre-paid label on, and give it to USPS. Do it on your time, in your home, hassle-free.