Frequently Asked Questions

Will having sharp knives change my life?

We think so.

Who sharpens your knives?

From the beginning, The Sharp Brothers have been the exclusive sharpeners for Knifey. All knives are sharpened by hand by master sharpeners. Austin Freese, an original partner of the Sharp Brothers, sharpened the first sets of Knifey exchanges in Marin, CA in May, 2018.  One event led to another and the Sharp Brothers purchased Knifey in April 2019.  The Sharp Brothers have been sharpening in Milwaukee, WI for 17 years and their store is now Knifey’s Fulfillment Center. We are currently refining the business, listening to our existing customers, adding inventory and preparing for the Christmas season.  Giving a Knifey subscription is one of the most unique gifts of the season!

If I subscribe, do I own the knives I receive?

No - Knifey is a knife subscription service.  Use of the knives we provide along with ongoing sharpening services are included with your subscription, however, if you choose to end your subscription, the knives must be returned to Knifey using a pre-paid USPS label.

How frequently should I have my knives sharpened?

It all depends on the cook and how the knives are maintained.  We think that the 2X per year sharpening should be ideal for the average cook who is taking good care of their knives.  Cooking every night or throwing your knives in the dishwasher?  If so, the 3X per year plan is probably best for you. The good news is that if at any time you find your knives aren't as sharp as you want them to be, get in touch and we'll figure out a solution to keep you fully sharp.

Are there any penalties for cancelling my subscription?

Nope.  Cancel at any time. Pay only for the months you use the service. 

Do you ship to my area?

Knifey is currently available to all residents of the United States with an accessible USPS address.  Unfortunately, we do not offer international shipping yet.

How do I return my used knives after receiving my freshly sharpened set?

We make returning your old knives as easy as possible. Your new knives will arrive in a box with slots for up to 5 knives with your ongoing "sharp shipments".  A prepaid shipping label will also be included.  Just put your old knives in the box, slap on the prepaid label, and leave them in your mailbox or anywhere USPS picks up the mail.  

Will I receive brand new knives with each shipment?

While some shipments will contain new knives, our "sharp shipments" will generally contain our custom-designed knives that have been refurbished to "like new" condition.  Damaged knives will always be taken out of the service pool and replaced with new knives.

Will I have the exact same set of knives over the lifetime of my subscription?

We are able to eliminate your downtime without knives by shipping newly-sharpened knives to your doorstep before you ever have to send the old ones back. While you won't receive the exact same knives as the ones we've sharpened for you prior, you will receive the same knife set your subscription allows.

What happens if I damage or lose my knives?

Damage from everyday use is a normal part of the cooking process and will not be the responsibility of the customer.  If knives are lost by the customer, not returned upon cancellation, or damaged due to negligence, it will be necessary to charge the customer a replacement fee for the knives: 

8 Inch Chef's Knife $75
8 Inch Bread Knife $75
7 Inch Santoku Knife $75
5 inch utility knife $50
4 inch paring knife $50

If I cancel my subscription, how do I return my knives?

Knives can be returned in their original packaging with a provided prepaid label.  If original packaging is no longer available, it will be your responsibility to package the knives appropriately and pay for return shipping.

What happens to knives after they've been returned?

Knives are refurbished to "like new" condition and sent out.

How do I order?


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