How It All Started

We wanted to bring professional-quality knives to home chefs everywhere and make it easy to care for them properly. Knifey started with two goals in mind:

1- Help home cooks experience the joy of using quality knives without having to pay hundreds of dollars for a set.

2 - Make it really easy to keep these knives sharp.    

We started with a cycle of research, and along the way, we learned that the traditional knife industry wasn't the best option for every day home chefs.  Knives are more expensive than ever due to large mark ups from both the manufacturers and retail outlets, making knives much more expensive and inaccessible than they need to be. We've also found that most manufacturer-designed knife sets come with many unnecessary knives - if you have the right tools, it's all about quality, not quantity. Don't pay for something you don't need.

Here's What We Did

We worked with expert chefs to identify which knives home chefs really need in their kitchens to produce beautiful, exciting, and show-stopping dishes.  After that, we worked directly with the manufacturers who make knives for major players in the knife industry to custom design and develop an excellent set of knives, exclusive to Knifey.

To bring the whole program together in one easy package for home cooks, we developed our innovative “Sharp Shipment” exchange program. With our sharpening subscription plan, we send freshly-sharpened knives to your doorstep before your old ones ever leave your home, and make returns easy with a prepaid label. You get to choose from one knife, a set of 3, or a deluxe set of 5 knives and whether you want a sharpened set delivered to you once, twice, or three times a year. No commitments, no funny business.

Who We Are

Knifey is run by father and son duo Lee Frederick and Austin Freese. They started sharpening knives in 2004 in Milwaukee, WI. In the early days of their business they would go door to door, sharpening knives out of the back of their truck. That initiative eventually lead to a brick and mortar store - The Sharp Brothers store in Milwaukee, WI, now run by Lee while Austin continues to follow his passion and sharpen at local farmers markets around the Bay Area in California. For over 15 years, Austin and Lee have perfected their craft - studying, meeting, and conversing with sharpeners from around the world, even training with Bob Kramer, noted as the "greatest American knifesmith working today."  Knifey is an accumulation of heartland work ethic and old-world skill combined with Silicon Valley innovation. 

Join the Sharp Revolution

We're excited we found a way to make it easy for busy home chefs to keep freshly-sharpened, professional-quality knives in their kitchens.  We hope your sharp knives will bring you as much joy in the kitchen as they have brought us. Having high-quality, sharp knives will change your life!

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