Gift Card Redemption: Essential 3 Knife Set With 2 Sharp Shipments


We hope you're feeling loved, because you've been gifted a one year one-year subscription to Knifey's Essential 3 Knife Set!

What is Knifey? 

Knifey is the revolutionary new service that provides amazing kitchen knives and keeps them sharp for you through the mail. 

How it Works

- Start your subscription by entering your gift code and details, and we'll send you an initial sharp shipment of our razor-sharp knives. 

- Six months after your subscription begins, you will receive a newly sharpened set of knives in the mail.  Your old knives go in that same box and back in the mail.

- At the end of your 12 month subscription, you'll have the option to continue the service to a paid plan, or send back the knives with a prepaid label. 

Why Do You Need My Credit Card?  

We only ask for a credit card for deposit purposes and it will not be charged unless the knives are not returned at the conclusion of the subscription.